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What services does seitofilms offer?


Hire is our core service and we stock a wide range of the latest cameras, lenses, accessories, grip and film lighting equipment. Our rental inventory includes the most up-to-date, innovate solutions from major technology brands as well as some smaller, bespoke manufacturers. But as well as having the latest kit, we also stock items such as vintage lenses which were manufactured from the 1960s and can provide a different visual aesthetic from the more recent equivalents.

Before any equipment leaves our premises to go out on hire, it is calibrated and thoroughly tested by our technicians.

Our rental team is on hand to provide expert advice for our range of camera equipment as provide detailed quotations and coordinate any logistical requirements that you have.


Professional technicians

Drawing on a pool of talented freelancers and our own experienced in-house team, we have years of experience providing crew for a wide range of productions. With our credits spanning content shoots, features films, advertisment and live multi-camera work. So we are positioned to offer you the best crew members to match your production requirements.

Several members of our team have a background in production & on-set assisting, so are uniquely positioned bring a comprehensive technical knowledge along with a professional working approach, meaning your production runs smoothly from beginning to end. Having a technician from a hire company can often be invaluable on shoots where time is tight; our crew will have prepped the equipment personally so will know exactly where everything is.

In the crew you can have someone specific or full crew. To choose from the director of photography to the data rangler, through the focus puller, 2n assistant and also videassist.


Test facilities

We have a spacious camera test room available for our clients to come in and check equipment in advance of their shoot. If you require just a few hours or several days of test time, this facility is provided free of charge to our customers. And to make your visit here even more productive (and enjoyable), we provide great coffee, WiFi, drinks and a office area.

Our in-house lens check facilities include a DENZ lens checker collimator which is used to assess and calibrate all of our lenses before they go out on hire.




We offer a prompt and reliable delivery & collection service within the Barcelona area and if required. We can also arrange express delivery throughout the country.

If your production is taking place over multiple locations or you just need an extra pair of hands, we can also provide a dedicated vehicle and driver to manage the equipment transportation.

We also have the option of leaving the equipment in the transport inside a guarded parking lot during the night.

How do I cancel my order?

If a shooting is hired and canceled or suspended before completion, for any reason, the prices keep the same.

Only in case of bad weather can the date be changed when the equipment is available. If the equipment is not available on the new date, the full amount must be paid.

If advance payment is made to the reserve for equipment rental and subsequently canceled in less than 3 calendar days of the start date of the contracted term, this entails the loss of 50% of that amount in compensatory concept for of SEITOFILMS SCP.

Cancellations to 3 days or more before filming are allowed if the project for any reason. You should call by phone to explain the situation and it will not be a problem.

Do you ship the equipment?

We do not ship because the equipment is very expensive, but there is the possibility of sending wherever you want if you go with one or several technicians.

Equipment insurance

The cinematographic equipment is very expensive and it is not possible to rent them if there is no filming insurance that covers the replacement value of the same. We offer the customer the possibility of using their own insurance or can be contracted with SEITOFILMS SCP. Cost is 6% of rental value.

The insurance only covers in Europe if you travel outside of Europe you must pay a cost premium.

When is the rent payment?

Always in advance in case of being new customers. If you are already a customer, you can establish a personalized payment term.

What time can I call?

Our work schedule is from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. But for emergencies you can call 24/7 at any time, the day you want.